lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

The dark side of the moon

She has always loved him.
She loved him when he was smiling,
when he was sleeping,
or when he was just listening to music.

She loved him when he was cooking,
when he was playing
or when he was just doing anything.

She still loved him when he began to distance himself from her,
the day he didn't even touch her; 

not a kiss  not a caress; 
or even when he decided she didn't deserve his affection anymore.

Her love was so unconditional and she was so blind that
she didn't realise she was hurting herself,
she didn't even realise that she was dying inside.

She loved him so much that her heart hurt
it felt like pain. It was pain.
Nevertheless she didn't stop loving him.
Nobody has ever been able to say that she never loved him

Now, after everything,  she threw off her blindfold
and decided not to love again in that way.
That meant she wouldn't bare her soul to anyone again.
And from that day she was like the moon;
part of her was always hidden away.